S T R A T E G I C    S T R U C T U R E   -the move away from-   B R A N C H   A G E N T S :-

November 2022, we made a significant structural change to the method of providing out Wholesale Express Cargo Service  —  we decided to move away from our traditional method of routing our cargo via Independent Branch Agents in various countries  —  to a direct approach to the consumer.    This allowed us to pass on more savings to the actual consumer.

Additionally, we also realized other benefits that were attained from this change  ¦ a greater impact in our marketing and promotional strategy, as this was lacking in some countries  |  the ability to pass on greater savings to the consumer  |  quicker payment on invoices  |  greater control and coordination in the management of our Life Giveaway Events

The shift from the Independent Branch Agent, was also moved to better coordinate the management of our cargo at the local level, via Authorized Brokers/Courier Services.

We are proud to the success of this strategy, that has allowed for an up-tic of both cargo-volume and new memberships.


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