PH: 305 - 432 - 2669

Air Cargo Schedule + Rate Calculator

Anguilla | $4.50 per Lbs | Thursday

Antigua | $3.50 per Lbs | Tuesday, Thursday

Bahamas, (Nassau, Freeport, Eleuthera, Exuma, and Abaco)  | independent | Wednesday, Friday

Br. Virgin Islands | independent | Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

Barbados | $3.39 per Lbs | Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday

Cayman Islands | $3.39 per Lbs | Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday,

Dominica | $4.50 per Lbs | Thursday

Dominica Republic  (Santo Domingo) | $3.39 per Lbs | Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday

Guyana | $3.50 per Lbs | Tuesday, Friday

Montserrat | $4.50 per Lbs | Tuesday

Saint Kitts + Nevis | $3.30 per Lbs | Friday

Saint Martin | $3.50 per Lbs | Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday

Trinidad & Tobago | $3.39 per Lbs | Tuesday, Thursday

Turks + Caicos | $3.90 per Lbs | Tuesday, Friday

We hope you enjoy your experience with us and look forward to being of service to you.


Getting Started.

In getting started, you must first be a ‘Registered Member’.  Simply complete the ‘Registration form’.  For families,  type the first and last name of the primary family member, then the first-name of all other family-members.


Getting Started.
Virtual Mailbox.

Once you have completed and submitted your ‘Registration-form,’ you will receive an automated email detailing our physical mailing address, as well as your username and password to access your Private Virtual Mailbox.


Getting Started.
Receiving Location.

You can now begin to forward your packages to our address (8000 NW 37th Avenue, Unit #6, Miami, Florida, USA, 33147).  When shopping online, it is also important to select  the option that we are a ‘business location’.


Getting Started.
Dispatch Preparation.

Once we receive your package, it is then processed for dispatch.  An automated ’email notification’ is then sent to you requesting that you either ¦ upload your invoice;  OR, both upload your invoice and submit your freight payment.

Destination Services

Door to Door Delivery

Door – to – Door Delivery; is also provided by our Authorized Brokers.  This can be prearranged before the arrival of your package(s) and consist of the Customs Clearance process.  This entire process is managed by our Authorized Brokers for each region.
In getting started, simply email us in the email box below, advising us of the ¦ Package ID Number, once it has been posted in our database.  This information will then be passed on to our Authorized Broker, who will then complete the process.

Clearance + Hold

All packages are subjected to a Customs Clearance Process.  Based on universal Customs Systems, the standard process is that you present your ‘customs entry documents’ to the Customs Office, make payment of your ‘import duties’, and provide your package(s).
However, we also offer the option, to have both the ‘customs clearance process’ and ‘payment of duties’ handled by our Authorized Broker  —  and hold the packages at their office for your collection.

Express Clearance

Similar to the ‘Clearance + Hold’ Service, however, this service is ideal for  ¦  (i) B2B Clients that require an urgent release of their cargo, or (ii) Imports of perishable goods, such as frozen meat, that require immediate release so that it is placed back under refrigeration.  With regard to perishable goods, Express Clarance is standard.   However, other types of cargo can also be provided with this service.
In getting started, simply email us in the email box below, advising us of the ¦  Package ID Number, once it has been posted in our database.  This information will then be passed on to our Authorized Broker, who will then complete the process.

Freight Funding

This service grants the Authorized Broker the authority to submit freight-payment for the dispatch of a package.  This service is usually requested when ¦ (i) packages arrive close to the cut-off time for cargo dispatch, and the package is not yet posted in the database, or  (ii) when the client does not have online access to make payment of a late delivered package, prior to the cut-off time.
To request this service, send us an email in the email box below detailing your request, and this will be passed on to the respective Authorized Broker.

Rate Calculator

Weight in Pounds

Ocean Cargo Rates start at a minimum of $40.00 USD.

Authorized Receiving Stations / Agent Branches

Destination Service Assistance

Kindly note that our cut-off times are set at 24-hours prior to the scheduled dispatch dates. All freight-charges must be paid prior to the dispatch of your package(s).

Invoices must also be uploaded into the database so that our Authorized Brokers can clear the cargo once it arrives.

NOTE ¦ please note that all ¦ Liquids, Flammable Liquids, High Capacity Batteries, Fire-arms — are all viewed as Dangerous Goods, as a result, dispatching these goods to some locations, will have to be done via Ocean freight.

We hope you enjoy your experience with us and look forward to being of service to you.

Local Service Charges

Local charges are broken down into the following segments ¦ Handeling Charges | Government Duty Crarges | Convience Charges

Handeling Charges ⊥ services charges for the preperation of Custom Documents along with invoices, and the filing of these documents to the Gov. Customs Department

Governemt Duty Charges ⊥ the amount of import duty charges applied by the Government Department

Convenience Charges ⊥ these are added services provided by the local Authorized Broker/ or Agent, and can range for door-to-door delivery, gift-wrapping, extended storage

USA - Logistics Main Hub
Mail + Cargo Forwarding |
8000 NW 37th Avenue,
Unit #6,
Miami, Florida, 33147
PH ⊥ 305•432•2669

Antigua - Agent
Mail + Cargo Receiving

Ja-Jen’z Brokerage Services
Painters West,
St. George’s, Antigua
PH ⊥ 268•780•1003 | WhatsApp ⊥ 268•773•3942

Anguilla - Agent
Mail + Cargo Receiving

JTC Customs Brokerage Shipping Agency Ltd.
South Hill
The Valley, Anguilla
PH ⊥ 264•497•8500

Barbados - Agent
Mail + Cargo Receiving

Calvin Alkins Customs Services Inc.
Lot 1, Crystalline Hub
Mighty Gunner Highway, St. Michael, Barbados
PH ⊥ 246•435•2826 / 2827

Br. Virgin Islands - Agent
Mail + Cargo Receiving

SNS Express Shipping and Brokerage Services.
Skelton Bay Lot
Julian Skelton Drive, Tortola, Br. Virgin Islands
PH ⊥ 284•496•8300

Bahamas - Agent
Mail + Cargo Receiving

Direct Shipping
Murphyville Rd,
Nassau, Bahamas
PH ⊥ 242•323•0348

Cayman Islands - Agent
Mail + Cargo Receiving |
8000 NW 37th Avenue,
Unit #6,
Miami, Florida, 33147
PH ⊥ 305•432•2669

Dominican Republic - Agent
Mail + Cargo Receiving

G &H Soluciones Aduanales
Sector San Martin San fco de Marcoris
Dominican Republic
PH ⊥ 829•592•9391

Dominica - Agent
Mail + Cargo Receiving

All Season Logistics
69 Cork Street
Roseau, Dominica
PH ⊥ 767•225•6343

Guyana - Agent
Mail + Cargo Receiving

GOP Custom & Logistics Services
23 Brickdam St.
Suite 202
Georgetown, Guyana
PH ⊥ 592•640•3400  | 592•650•5413

Saint Kitts + Nevis - Agent
Mail + Cargo Receiving

GIEMS Express (International)
c/o DGLifestyles Global Limited
Paradise Estate, Nevis, Saint Kitts and Nevis
PH ⊥ 869•469•5472

Turks & Caicos - Agent
Mail + Cargo Receiving

GIEMS Express (PLS)
Blue Hill
Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands

PH ⊥ 649•241•6007

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