GroupPRO :-

One of our new & more playful service, is our GroupPRO Member  — geared as a shared fun mail-forwarding service for:  Friends | Employees | Teams | Club Association Members, all under a single  Group Membership.  Now for the sweet part ♥♥♥ — every quarter a FREE GIFT GIVEAWAY is dispatched to the GroupPRO Member’s, for the duration of the account.  The GroupPRO Member most maintain a minimum monthly cargo-aright of 55-Lbs to qualify for this fun-service.

Simply create a master-account under a single Registration –  then in the online form below, provide the name of the added Members that fall under the master-account.

Let’s get started  —  simply contact us at — and start receiving Discounte Group Rates — and Free Group Giveaways.

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