Service Activated : July 2024


About BIG BOX Grocery

Getting Started with your Grocery Shopping Process ¤  and Direct Shipping

In today’s fast-paced world, convenience is key, and our online BIG BOX grocery shopping is a revolutionary way we procure our daily food essentials. Offering a seamless blend of ¦  choice  |  efficiency  |  and accessibility —  online grocery platforms have swiftly become an integral part of modern life.

With a few clicks or taps, consumers can browse a vast array of products, compare prices, and schedule the processing of their order with our Service Team.  You can also schedule with our Service Team your deliveries to your doorstep, all from the comfort of your home or while on the go.

This convenience not only saves valuable time but also enhances the shopping experience by providing personalized recommendations and tailored offers. As technology continues to advance, online grocery shopping promises to further streamline our everyday routines, offering unparalleled convenience and efficiency in meeting our dietary needs and preferences.


BIG BOX Grocery Process

  • Go to the SAM CLUB website  ¦   At the top right-side section of the website, that states  ¦ ‘Your Club’ – select Miami, Florida |  Use the ‘Search Bar’ to select the products you want, and add them to your cart, hence creating a Shopping List (ONLY ITEMS WITH ‘PICKUP’ OPTION).

  • Once you have completed your selection, save the pages of your Shopping List as a PDF File and email them to us at ¦  We will then contact you to verify the Shopping List + as well as confirm the date you need the items ordered and dispatched to you.

  • Once this is finalized with our Service Team will send you an email with a Online Invoice — so that you can make payment for this service.  The Payment will include ¦ (i) the cost of the order + (ii) $55.00 for Processing, Pickup, and Delivery, + (iii) $10.00 for booking, and consolidation + the cost of shipping your BIG BOX (view our Rate Caluclator to see the cost per BIG BOX).

Benefits of this Service

  • Personal Shopper   ¤   Dedicated personal-shopping in Miami, from other Grocery Stores and Stores.

  • Free Consolidation   ¤   Is also provided with this service including ‘Pick-up’ Service at one more location.

  • Perishable Food Air-cargo   ¤   Is also provided with this service, from ¦  (i) Tempreture Controled Storage, to (ii) Tempreture Controled Freight Service

International. Express. Delivery

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Welcome to and its affiliated worldwide logistics partner GIEMS Express LLC (International).

Operating from our central hub in Miami Florida, we provide logistics services from several ports and locations around the world, as well as daily Air-cargo Services to various Caribbean Islands + our regular dedicated services ranging from ¦

Express Air Cargo | Bulk Air Cargo | Ocean Freight (LCL, FCL, Roll-on+Roll-off) | Break Bulk Ocean Freight | Trucking Logistics | Nationwide Warehousing + Fulfillment Center Service.

We also operate freight (Air / Ocean) to Miami from shared Receiving Terminals in ¦ Brussels | Greece | Turkey | Brazil | Canada | China

Let us know how we can better serve you.