Wholesale Shopping

Being the Distributor for several Manufactures worldwide, we are able to provide very attractive discounts via this membership website


Short Lead-time

As we work directly with Manufactures, the ‘turn-around time’ in processing and dispatching a purchase-order is reduced considerably


Customization | Quality | Durability

We specialize in products suitable for Coastal Regions, hence, our products are vetted for sustainability in ‘Hurricane-regions’ and harsh ‘Salt-air’ conditions

A look at our Wholesale Division

Welcome — DGLifestyles.com !

This division is comprised of three individual wholesale/distribution sub-divisions, with their logistics dispatch managed by Globalexpresslimited.com – USA.  From our Miami base, we are able to facilitate both domestic and international shipments directly to your job site.

The three divisions that makeup DGLifestyles are (i) DGLifestyles Wholesale, (ii) Mathious Stone USA + (iii) LuX PreCreate Homes.  Below are images, details, and weblinks of the products we carry and direction to view our wholesale prices and more detailed specifications.

We are thrilled with the manufactures that we work with and their ability to provide us with products that are ideally suited for Hurricane Coastal Regions and internationally specified for Class #4 Impact Regions.

Enjoy the opportunity of purchasing ¦ high-quality durable products at wholesale prices.



Dear Member,

Welcome to our  LuX PreCreate Homes !

Our most anticipated Turn-key Model Homes are, derived from the collaboration of our Building + Decor Manufactures.  An astounding network of Architects, Structural Engineers + Interior Designers  all geared to the launch of a series of homes that are designed to be ‘engineered hurricane impact luxury homes’    Lux PreCreate Homes™.

LuX PreCreate Home and it’s Modular Homes, were engineered to solve two critical variable factors in the construction industry that has a direct effect on the overall cost of any project ¦ ‘Time’ of completion based on your Building Method + your Labor-force Cost, which are relative to your completion time-frame.  If these two variables can be altered, by providing a quicker Building Method + a minimize, but yet efficient and effective Labor-force then such an achievement can reduce the cost of your building project by 60%.

Achieving this massive level of efficiency is always the desire of any construction project, especially when the quality of the work is not compromised — this is what the LuX PreCreate Home project provides.



Dear Member,

Welcome to DGLifestyles.com !

Our wholesale division for decor + building items ¦ our products range from Custom Kitchens, Metal Roofing, Impact Windows/Doors, Solar Systems, Light/Fans  and much more.

DGLifestyles is a wholesaler/distributor that works directly with our manufactures on all purchase-orders, which gives us the unique advantage of having our products customized to suit ¦ (i) the dimensions of your work-space, and (ii) providing the structural requirements specified by your engineers; or the required specifications for your region and it’s critical elements.   Our products are made from materials that are ideally suited for ‘salt-air conditions’ and are highly suited for coastal regions.

As a distributor/wholesaler, our products are sold at unbeatable prices, hence making DGLifestyles the ideal place to shop for durable products at great prices


Natural & Unique Stone Designs

Dear Member,

Welcome to our wholesale and distribution division of decor stones  —  Mathios Stones USA !

Inspired by the beauty and diversity of nature, Mathios Architectural Stone Veneers beautify every space and attribute a unique personal character + sophistication.

Mathios Stone is one of the most complete collections of stone and brick veneers, offering resourceful design possibilities,  matching an array of architectural designs + engineered for effortless installation on almost any surface including glass and gypsum board.

Our wholesale + logistics service makes it convenient for any contractor, project manager, or end-user to purchase the required quantity for their project.