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We represent a host of Worldwide Manufacturers, based on their standard of manufacturing. Sourcing quality materials has lead us to areas such as Colombia and Brazil for Steel | Canada for Wooden Shingles. some Lumber and Fine Cabinetry | Europe for modern Lighting and some Finished items | the USA for standard Building Materials, Ceiling Fans and some Finished items. With the aid of our Logistics Division, managed by our sister Company, we are able to make transportation economical and with little added cost to the end-user.


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Quality + Durability, in our Products
Ideal for Coastal Regions, our products are known for their durability, in withstanding harsh weather conditions – as well as being resistant to corrosion in saturated ‘salt-air’ environments.  All products are tested in these conditions before sales-agreements are finalized with manufacturers.
It is on the backbone of these strict ‘quality-control measures’ that we are pleased to display our assortment of approved Lighting fixtures | Ceiling Fans | Impact Resistant Windows and Doors | Aluminum Shutters | Metal Railings | Glass and Stainless Steel Railings | Metal Roofing | Cedar Wooden Shingles | Hardwood Brazilian Flooring | Hardwood Entrance Doors | Marble | Flagstone | Mathios Stone and so much more.
Quality Metal Roofing, in various styles
Our Roofing Manufacturers are noted for their high-quality Aluminum and Aluminum-composite products, that are further surfaced with layers of Resin-based finish that protects against ‘paint-discoloration’ | as well as an extra corrosion resistant layer. Our roofing materials are available is several colors and gauge-sizes.
Modern | Durable Lighting & Ceiling Fans

We are very particular about our Lighting-fixtures as our focus is to ensure that they are suitable for Coastal Regions, while still being aesthetically pleasing to a varity of design option.  Functionality and dependability is a must; and it is on that basis why we only represent selected manufacturers from around the world.  Such diligence is also placed with our selection of ceiling fans

Engineered for Durability - Windows | Doors | Shutters

A look at our Laminated Impact Resistant Windows | Doors in both aluminum and vinyl, both engineered with either two or three layers of laminated glass (dependent on assessment or Clients request).  Also featured are our ‘low-profile’ European Aluminum Shutters that are aesthetic in design to suit any decor.  All products include all hardware, fittings, and screens (where required) and are available in an assortment of colors.

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