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Mathios Stone is one of the most complete collections of stone and brick veneers in the world, offering design possibilities that stimulate Designers the ability to matching all kinds of architectural design. Get the most out of the flexibility to combine different styles, even in the same space.
Mathios lightweight stones, allow Designers to have no limits when it comes to installation on various surfaces, such as bricks, walls, thermal insulation, gypsum boards, and even glass  –  and meets all modern-day ‘environmentally friendly’ building codes.
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Color Palettes of various earth-tones along with earthy textures - truly bring nature to life

– David G/ Dealer

Our aspiration is to beautify every space and attribute a unique personal character in various constructions, from a high-end apartment, a country house or a coastal home to a trendy café, a fancy restaurant and an exclusive hotel.

The range of ‘textures’ grants Designers the ability to push their creative barriers.  Textures of the Mathios designs range from Linear, Rectangular, Irregular, Round, Geometric, Brick Slips.  ‘Coarse & Smooth Surfaces’ tend to capsulize the wide range of choices in our Mathios Stone designs.

In addition to the Mathios Stone decor wall cladding designs, we also boost an array of Stone Pavers that portray a rustic cobblestone charm. You may make your selection either the Estate Pavers, which are shown below - or the Country Club Pavers and Forest Whisper Pavers
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