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    Wholesale of Decor/ Building Products

    Dear Member,

    Welcome to ! 

    Our wholesale division for decor + building items ¦ our products range from Custom Kitchens, Metal Roofing, Impact Windows/Doors, Solar Systems, Light/Fans  and much more.

    DGLifestyles is a wholesaler/distributor that works directly with our manufactures on all purchase-orders, which gives us the unique advantage of having our products customized to suit ¦ (i) the dimensions of your work-space, and (ii) providing the structural requirements specified by your engineers; or the required specifications for your region and it’s critical elements.   Our products are made from materials that are ideally suited for ‘salt-air conditions’ and are highly suited for coastal regions.

    As a distributor/wholesaler, our products are sold at unbeatable prices, hence making DGLifestyles the ideal place to shop for durable products at great prices


    Today's Online Store Deals

    Dear Member,

    Welcome to our  Online Store   Today’s Miami Deals ! (Scheduled Launch Date, November 1, 2021)

    Enjoy discounted deals for stores in Miami, ranging from ¦ Decor items, Furniture, Jewelry, Electronics, Refrigerators/Stoves + Kitchen appliances    all sold by wholesalers and retails based in Miami, and with solid product warranties.  This online store grants our members the opportunity to partake in some of the great ‘sale-prices’ that Miami has to offer, while at the same time lending our support to both local businesses within Miami + our business network.

    Experience convenience at your fingertips.


    Grocery Shopper & Dispatch

    Dear Member,

    Welcome to our Bi-weekly Grocery  Box-An-Ship !

    The Box-An-Ship service, grants you the option to conduct online grocery shopping from Sam’s Club Miami of ‘non-perishable items’ by simply providing us with your Shopping List + Payment and await the delivery of your Box-An-Ship Groceries to be delivered to your door-step.  Enjoy the convenience of purchasing your groceries in bulk  from the comfort of your home at affordable prices of Sams Club  by way of a single pre-paid invoice.

    Also ask about our Pickup-An-Ship Service, which grants you the option of purchasing goods from anywhere in the Miami area and requesting that we provide our Pick-up Service of your package    for further consolidation with either our weekly Air-freight or Ocean-freight.

    Enjoy the freedom of our online and delivery service, and take advantage of these new services offers.


    Luxury Turn-key Homes

    Dear Member,

    Welcome to our  LuX PreCreate Homes !

    Our most anticipated Turn-key Model Homes are, derived from the collaboration of our Building + Decor Manufactures.  An astounding network of Architects, Structural Engineers + Interior Designers  all geared to the launch of a series of homes that are designed to be ‘engineered hurricane impact luxury homes’    Lux PreCreate Homes™.

    LuX PreCreate Home and it’s Modular Homes, were engineered to solve two critical variable factors in the construction industry that has a direct effect on the overall cost of any project ¦ ‘Time’ of completion based on your Building Method + your Labor-force Cost, which are relative to your completion time-frame.  If these two variables can be altered, by providing a quicker Building Method + a minimize, but yet efficient and effective Labor-force then such an achievement can reduce the cost of your building project by 60%.

    Achieving this massive level of efficiency is always the desire of any construction project, especially when the quality of the work is not compromised — this is what the LuX PreCreate Home project provides.